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Dubai Group is aware that a number of fake websites and email campaigns appearing to be legitimate and using the company’s name are undertaking fraudulent activities such as promoting high-return short-term investment products.

This notification confirms that such websites and emails are not genuine and they are fraudulently posing as representatives of Dubai Group to seek business opportunities. Dubai Group strongly advises that you do not respond to such websites and e-mails as they are intended for identity theft.

Identity Theft - Phishing Alert
Identity theft can be committed through e-mail or other means, such as regular mail, fax or telephone, or even by going through someone's trash. Identity theft occurs when someone uses another genuine person’s personal or professional information such as name, email address, professional designation or other identifying information without his/her permission to commit fraud or other identity related misconduct.

Internet fraudsters and scam artists are increasingly targeting unsuspecting people by a method called “phishing.” Phishing is when you receive authentic-looking messages in particular emails appearing to come from someone, but in reality it is sent by imposters using similar looking email addresses to obtain business information or trigger commercial transactions. These deceptive emails lead recipients into believing that they are actually dealing with someone from the Company and will lead them to share confidential company information or to take business actions based on such emails.

How to protect yourself from such scams
• Please remember that Dubai Group and all its member entities will never send such e-mails that ask for unsolicited confidential information pertaining to business or request for certain business transactions by email.  If you receive an e-mail requesting for such details, please do not respond.
• Dubai Group official communications are never sent from personal email addresses hosted on domains such as yahoo, hotmail, gmail etc. Please verify the sender email address carefully.
• Dubai Group does not conduct or approve financial transactions over email. We make every effort to hold all our official meetings at our offices in the UAE. So, please beware in case you receive a request to meet someone, claiming to be from Dubai Group, outside our office premises.

What to do if you suspect a phishing email
• Do not reply.
• Do not open any attachments. Attachments may contain malicious code that will infect your computer.
• Do not click on any links included in the email.

If you still feel it is a phishing / scam email, please forward the suspect email to for us to take necessary action.